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Work with Fitness Scientist James Rizzo: Best personal trainer in NY
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Are you exercising correctly? A personal trainer can prevent injury by showing you how to work out properly to meet your goals. Don't wait to start your fitness journey.

I'm an expert in virtual fitness training via video chat, and am a remote personal trainer based out of Westchester County, NY.

  • Fit Time Online

    When the gyms closed in 2020, my clients asked me for Virtual Personal Training programs. After two years, this has become the preferred training method for many.

    Virtual Personal training is completely different from pre-recorded on-demand sessions. I’ll work with you live to hold you accountable, critique your form, and tailor your program to your individual needs, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

    You don’t need to spend lots of money on exercise equipment to train at home effectively. Many of my clients only need a pair of weights and a resistance band. The key to staying in shape is consistency, and working with me is the perfect solution to maintaining an impactful workout program.

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    Extreme Weight Loss

    I use the word extreme because time is ALWAYS a factor. Clients want visible results as soon as possible so my philosophy is simple- exercise your body’s maximum potential for one hour straight! 

    As a weight loss trainer, I take each client through a TOTAL body workout with minimal rest. This has proven to accelerate fat loss, increase energy, and build lean muscle. 

    My method will be fun, interactive, and most of all results-driven!

    (Please consult the client Success Stories page for further assurance).

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    Strength and Conditioning Classes

    This is the first phase in my training process and should be a building block for any age or gender.
    As people grow older, their bones become more brittle and metabolism decreases.

    My strength and conditioning techniques will increase the density in your bones and boost your metabolism.

    It is also proven to elevate energy levels and keep your heart healthier.  Some women have the misconception that they will get too bulky and muscular but this is FALSE!  Strength training will burn more fat by accelerating your metabolism and increase overall strength.

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    I incorporate balance/coordination movements after you build a stronger core.  Clients find these movements a little overwhelming at first but like anything else, practice is KEY! It is also essential to the transformation process because as age takes its course, a person’s equilibrium shifts, making them more susceptible to falling, broken bones, and recovery takes much longer. I have plenty of 50+ clients and balance/coordination is a staple to their training regime.

  • High school running back on his way to scoring a touchdown with coaches and fans looking on.
    Athletic Training

    Is the third and final phase in the training process.  Athletes and major competitors possess a totally different mentality.  Strength, endurance, agility, balance, and coordination are certain skills required.

    This is why my training method covers the entire basis. Whether you play a recreational sport or compete at a national level, athletic training will provide an outlet to excel! As a personal trainer for athletes, I have trained clients for boxing, marathons, and body-building shows. What they all had in common was improvement and the desire to win!

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    Injury Rehabilitation

    I also specialize in injury rehabilitation. While I was considering going to PT school, I shadowed over 40hrs at an orthopedic physical therapy clinic.
    Having learned from personal experience and by studying detailed anatomy through my certification process, I've mastered the muscle system well enough to incorporate rehabilitation techniques for faster recovery.

    I have sustained a few injuries and dealt with plenty of them in my training career (torn rotators, herniated discs, meniscus tears, pulled hamstrings etc.) Recovering from an injury is a very tedious and discouraging process but you feel reassured having an expert you can trust to get you back on your feet and feeling better.

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    Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Training

    It is pertinent to the pregnant client that they receive a healthy pregnancy for them and their baby.

    One of my specialties is making the right decisions for their training program. Even though there is plenty of information about pregnancy, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines have changed dramatically.

    My training program includes resistance training for strength and endurance, core/abdominal stability and integrity, pelvic awareness, and safe and conservative flexibility training. Please consult your physician first!

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    Body Building

    I have competed in amateur body-building for two years and have placed 2nd in the NPC heavy-weight division and 4th in the east coast, a broader spectrum. 

    I have learned the discipline that it takes to diet and exercise for 12 weeks straight, day in and day out through grueling workouts! This part of my youth really humbled me and as my clients’ body building coach, I try to give them the same motivation I developed.

    Contact me if you'd like to work with me as your body building coach.

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